socius360 has been a certified reseller of Maitre’D software by Posera for over 15 years. Maitre’D is one of the most featured-rich & customizable restaurant POS systems in the market. It has over 20,000 installations worldwide & 12,000 in United States which covers all parts of United States. The R & D Office is in Montreal and Seattle. Singapore will handle the minor modification. In Singapore, our clients includes Ya Kun, Mr Bean, Spa-Esprit Group, The Soup Spoon group, Marble Slab and other F&B chains. Our clients for fine dining chains includes Les Amis Group, Tippling Club, Bar-Roque Grill.

Key Features

POS – Quick & Table Service

Maitre’D counts thousands of TSR customers among its customer database. Many restaurants and restaurant chains are finding the benefits of our software solutions, regardless of the nature of their operations, be it fine dining or casual dining, bar, delivery or all of the above! More importantly, our customers can enjoy their Maitre’D systems for years and years ahead, since we constantly invest in our solutions and integrate the latest technologies.


The Maitre’D real time inventory management solution provides up-to-date inventory counts 24 hours a day. Traditional time consuming inventory management tasks such as counting inventory, generating and receiving orders, and entering transfers or wastes are greatly reduced in time and effort. For even more efficiency, the availability feature can disable an item on the POS when the item is depleted.


Every minute is valuable. Fortunately, technology can save you from many time consuming tasks while ensuring greater accuracy. Maitre’D e-Global is a powerful management solution that was built to offer business intelligence to any restaurant chain seeking to streamline operations in their numerous holdings. Offering flexible hardware and software configurations and innovations in database management, Maitre’D e-Global is an ideal solution for any growing business.


The CVM Kitchen Video Monitor system relays counter and drive-thru orders to kitchen staff in an accurate and timely manner. This practical system utilizes color in the displayed orders, which simplifies the preparation task, and decreases the average time it takes to complete an order.

Accounting Interfaces

This practical solution offers interfaces with General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts. Receivable that will ultimately save you valuable time by eliminating manual data entry and mistakes. Maitre’D has the capability to automatically transfer information to accounting applications such as Fortune 1000, QuickBooks, AccPac, and Microsoft Great Plains.

Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance feature gives managers the tools they need to analyze the efficiency of their work staff and create a streamlined productive labor force. Employees can clock in and clock out at any workstation, while being exact to the minute or rounded to the nearest configured interval, thus eliminating the need for time clocks. T&A provides individual employee files that accurately log details for payroll calculation, labor scheduling and even tip declaration. Information gathered from POS terminals reporting all employee activity allows users to benefit from tighter control over labor management and reduced labor costs.

Maitre'D has 20,000 installations worldwide
& here are some of the clients in Singapore