Bar-Roque Grill

Bar-Roque is about the joy of togetherness shared over good, honest food.

Uniquely, many of their dishes are served in large familial portions that invite sharing and feasting. Their motto “Love on the plate” puts it nicely – they encourage human connection through food.

They bring friends, family and lovers together around the table. They inspire joy, love, fun and memories. That way it amounts to more than just food and drink. It becomes a flight of the emotions.


Having heard positive feedback from one of its existing clients about the benefits of its tailored solutions, Baroque Grill approached socius360 with a mission—to replace their existing POS system, which was inadequate for the needs of their business, with a more advanced system that could better meet their requirements.

Previously, Baroque Grill was using an online POS system that often lagged, resulting in much inefficiencies and delays. Four separate printers had to be installed in their kitchen just to process different types of dishes. It did not work well, and orders were often incomplete. Furthermore, this POS system transmitted data to an external server before sending the information back to the receipt printer, which lengthened the time it took for orders to be received by the kitchen. As a result, customers often had to wait for a very long time for their food to be served, and this seriously affected the standard of customer service being offered at the restaurant.


Being a Singapore-based business, the team of POS experts at socius360 was able to meet face to face with the management of Baroque Grill to work out the details of this project, from specific software design requirements to training staff on the use of the POS terminals.

Among the first things socius360 did for Baroque Grill was to cut down system response time by placing a local Maitre’D server in the restaurant. The POS team then installed three new ordering terminals at the client’spremises, making it easier for staff to manage customer orders. Previously, customer wait-time at Baroque Grill could be as long as 30 minutes; with the new POS solution from socuis360, it has been halved to 15 minutes, including food preparation time. Quicker service contributes greatly to a better dining experience as befitting a fine dining experience that Baroque Grill offers.