spa-esprit group

Spa Esprit Group is a homegrown brand with a diverse portfolio spanning across beauty and F&B, with presence in 9 cities around the world. To date, they have 17 distinct lifestyle brands that are recognised both in Singapore and internationally.


The story of spa esprit Group is an inspiration to the Singapore F&B industry: from its humble beginnings managing a single restaurant in Singapore, spa esprit Group’s portfolio grew in just five years to include more than 20 restaurants comprising nine different brands. These restaurants range from casual cafes to fine dining restaurants. With so many different F&B concepts comes a management challenge—finding the best way to consolidate and organise the data of the different brands in a meaningful way that would allow for closer analyses and comparisons.

A working relationship with spa esprit Group began in the group’s early days, when socius360 developed the POS system for spa esprit Group’s first restaurant. What socius360 achieved for this restaurant convinced the management to engage the company for the design and configuration of a brand new POS system for all the restaurants that come under spa esprit Group. More importantly, spa esprit Group chose socius360 because its POS system is able to accommodate the group’s ambition for further expansion into the F&B industry.


The new multi-operational POS system designed and configured by socius360 makes it much easier to manage all the different restaurants and brands. Now, there is just one system—used by all the different brands, it allows for quicker, and more organised management. For example, changes to the menu of any one brand can now be made remotely; the updated information will then be broadcasted to all the individual outlets of the brand. Similarly, announcements from the group’s headquarters can be disseminated to all the restaurants simultaneously. This handy feature reduces the heavy reliance on IT manpower, which translates into significant savings for the Group.

Executives at spa esprit Group’s headquarters can now monitor the performance of the individual brands, and make comparisons across different brands. socius360’s setup allows the management to utilise big data in order to detect seasonality in demand for certain types of offerings as well as to analyse the segmentation of their customer types and preferences. This added functionality is also handy for the group’s marketing executives as it continues to guide them in coming up with promotions and marketing ideas that bring about increased sales and revenue for the company.