The Soup Spoon

The Soup Spoon focuses on turning whole foods into palatable perfection without the guilt. May it be soups, steaks or salads, The Soup Spoon ensures that their umbrella of brands follow world-class standards of proper nutrition while possessing delicious flavours. So whether you’re a meat-lover or vegetarian, they will always have something to sate unique tastebuds while doing the body good.


With a wide selection of fresh salads, hearty sandwiches, and their signature hot soups, The Soup Spoon requires a POS system that is a lot more sophisticated than other restaurants. Customers are spoilt for choice with the myriad of offerings such as combo meals where they are given the option to pick and choose food items in any number of combinations. The result of this freedom of choice is a massive and complex database; in fact, among all of socius360’s clients, The Soup Spoon has a database several times larger than the client with the second largest database. Adding to the complexity of their needs is the numerous types of reports that need to be generated through the POS system.

When socius360 took on the task of designing and implementing a new POS solution for The Soup Spoon, the company was using two separate POS systems. Neither system offered the flexibility that The Soup Spoon badly needed for their business, nor did they provide adequate after-sales support. Adding to that, the existing systems were not scalable. The Soup Spoon had lofty ambitions—the company was expanding quickly, but the inherent limitations of the existing systems were not equipped to grow with the company.


Creating the entire database of The Soup Spoon from the existing systems to the new Maitre’D POS system was no easy feat, but socius360 managed to complete this task within a very short period and made sure that all legacy data was kept intact and made available to the new system.

Meanwhile over the next few subsequent years, The Soup Spoon brought all its brands under one roof with the opening of The Soup Spoon Union—a brand new restaurant concept combining The Soup Spoon, The Handburger, Soup Broth Asia, The Grill Knife, and The Salad Fork. With the new, all-in-one system that socius360 designed for the company, customers are free to order dishes from the different brands found at each of the four restaurants in Singapore carrying The Soup Spoon Union brand all at the same time, saving them the hassle of queuing up multiple times. This system can recognise which brands are found in each outlet; what’s more, the system is so intuitive that the massive number of products from different brands does not confuse the staff.

The operations at The Soup Spoon now run smoothly thanks to the new POS system designed and implemented by the team at socius360. Nevertheless, the work is far from over—socius360 continues to provide after-sales support to The Soup Spoon, growing with the company as they expand from seven outlets to more than 20 restaurants around Singapore.