Ya Kun

The group purchased one license to trial the system individually in beginning, since then any new outlet open the chain purchase license till the 5th outlet LIVE run. After 6 months monitor period, the management finally agreed to roll out Maitre’D in all outlets. The whole project handover by 3 months time, within the tightly schedule, our team completed the requirement study, database setup and configuration, menu engineering, HQ back office & POS operation training, hardware deployment and system handover.


  1. System MUST be easy to use, because there are large number of elderly crews in operations team
  2. System able to send daily sales from outlets back to HQ office by modem (year 2007)
  3. HQ user able to print reports from different outlets
  4. HQ user able to add/change/delete operation data like new items, price changes and other changes from HQ system and broadcast to outlets POS system


3 months after system LIVE run, Group GM Mr Bernadas Ng was so happy because their elderly crews handle the system in effective way, HQ save time to collect the sales info from outlets, Account team can easily consolidate sales report from all outlets and finally the chain standardize the POS terminal procedures.