Point of Sales Systems

Maitre’D is one of the software that we use to power our Point of Sales Systems


Advanced and Sophisticated Hardware

Featuring state-of-the-art POS hardware designed to suit the unique and challenging operating environment of the F&B industry. We use all-in-one units made in Taiwan that combine the main console, customer display, printer, and much more into one complete yet easy to use terminal. Optimised for touch, our POS systems are both energy and space saving. Reliable and hard-wearing, they can withstand the toughest F&B & retail environments.



4-hour turn around support

Help is just a phone call away with socius360’s support and maintenance hotline. Available throughout the usual F&B operational hours, including weekends and public holidays, our team of specialists will attend to your enquiry any time within the services hours and provides solutions within four hours. We provide solutions to all issues relating to your POS system, including temporary replacement of POS terminals and peripherals to minimize your business downtime.

Local/Remote Data Backup

Your POS data is stored and backed up securely daily. An external storage device serves as an additional backup to ensure that there are no single points of failure. Our POS systems can also transmit and store data remotely to e-Global Server in your HQ, so you can retrieve and restore information to the individual outlets whenever necessary, thereby minimising downtime associated with IT issues.



Standard and Custom Reports

Generate a wide variety of reports with the Maitre’D system that can better serve your business needs and identify new opportunities. Maximise business returns through standard reports, tailored and designed to your specific requirements. We also provide custom reports for businesses with unique operational needs. Derive intelligence from your data to find out what makes your customers tick, and channel your marketing efforts to suit customer preferences. Beyond just looking at external influences, our custom reports allow you to evaluate internal factors such as staff performance.

Integrations to ERP, CRM Systems

Integrate your POS system with popular Finance and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like Quickbook, MYOB®, Sage 300 (formerly known as Accpac), Navision and SAP. You also have the option to link up with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, including Capillary™, SugarCRM, or your own in-house system, which will enable you to seamlessly update transaction details and guest favours, and also manage customer conversions.





Need Surveillance installation?

We offer round-the-clock closed-circuit monitoring systems that allow you to view remotely from compatible mobile devices. By linking your CCTV system with your POS system, you can check orders in the POS system with the actual footage captured on your CCTV. This allows for greater accountability and a higher level of security in your business.


Network Installation

Create connectivity in your business with network design, security, and cable installation services provided by socius360. Our network setup provides you with the best POS coverage and the most secure uplink back to the server. We also conduct Wi-Fi strength testing at your premises to ensure the most stable network service for your business use.





Our team of experienced industry experts can help you select the most suitable POS and surveillance systems for your business. Apart from providing you with technical solutions, we also offer a full range of consultation services, including advising on business operations, and making revenue and cost projections. With the information obtained through this value-added service, you can then make better decisions for your business.